Luckily, we live in a World where women can do everything which once was the men’s privilege. Modern women can have successful careers, they are able to run their own businesses and this all sounds pretty great. However, being successful often means long working hours and no weekend. Let’s discuss how you can manage everything at once.

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Scenario 1: You are way behind with your tasks, your house is a mess and you are alone with your kids.

Your key phrase here is time-management. Your kids need attention during the morning, so you would probably set your weekend working hours after lunchtime. Get up early and prepare breakfast. Depending on how old are your children, you can have a morning run or indoor exercise as well. Have breakfast together, kick off the day with a nice family chat. Kids are great helpers, so you don’t have to do all the housework alone, you just have to find a way to involve them. If you wash the dishes, they can help them dry. If you wash clothes, they can help in sorting and packing. Have you ever seen those movies where people wear mops on their foot? Now is the time to try that with your children! Housework will be done in no time! For lunch, treat yourself! You, just like everybody else, only have 24 hours in a day.

You’ve already finished the housework and you still have your job to do, so don’t waste time on cooking. Your children will be happy to help you pick a place to order from. While you are waiting for your lunch to arrive, you can all have some fun, play games or do something creative. After lunch, kids can have their daily naps or have some time alone. During this, you can get down to business. Start with prioritizing your to do list. You have until dinner to work on whatever you need to. Generally, people can’t be productive for more than two hours at once, so take a short break after 2 hours. You can decide on the dinner menu, call someone, check Facebook or check on your kids. After your break, you can still work for another two hours, if needed. Make sure you take a break after dinner as well. Your family can watch a movie together, you can all read something. Have a calming bath and go to bed. Look at you! Your kids were well entertained, your house is neat and you’ve completed several tasks! Well done!

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If you promised an outing:

I cannot emphasize the importance of time-management enough! You should get everybody up early and prepare for your hike. Depending on the age of your children, they can help you with the snacks and sandwiches. Have a nice trip, enjoy the nature and embrace the time which you spend together with your family. Again, you are not a robot, you can’t do everything. Eat out somewhere and let the kids rest after the adventure. This will be your time to get some work done. The 2 hour rule is still in effect! After two hours of work, do something enjoyable and then you have two other hours to finish what you have started. Since you had the day’s fun part in the morning, you can do some parts of the housework together after dinner. Last, but not least, don’t forget to have a little me-time before you fall asleep.

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Scenario 2: You are way behind with your tasks and you don’t have children

Not having children doesn’t mean that you automatically have more time for yourself. On the contrary: since there is no one else to bother you, you can easily fall in your own trap and work all day forgetting that you are supposed to have fun on the weekend. It’s important to keep in mind that you have limits and if you are on the verge of a nervous breakdown, you will certainly not be able to perform as expected. Either if you are you own boss or if you work for someone else, you should remain healthy in your body and soul if you would like to keep being successful on the long run. You know exactly what you need so act as you wish. If you miss your morning run, start your weekend with an early exercise. If you don’t even remember when you had a nice long sleep, it’s time to refresh that memory. If you feel like a movie, watch one! You shouldn’t feel guilty about preserving your sanity. After your selected morning activity, you should create a schedule for yourself. 2 hour blocks are the best. For example, work for 2 hours after breakfast, have a 2 hour making and having lunch session. It’s important for you to include tasks that take time, like cooking to prevent yourself from focusing too much on your everyday job. Work for another two hours, do housework for two hours and then do something that makes you feel good. (The 2 hour blocks are ending here). Meet your friends, have a Netflix and chill night, have a nice walk, etc. Have a relaxing bath and prepare for another good night sleep. You can organize your day any way you like. The only important thing is, to include as much me-time in it, as possible.

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As women, we are strong, persistent, confident and we can do anything. Sometimes we seemingly have superpowers but it’s important to remember that we are just like everyone else and our batteries don’t last forever. After being in the rat race for a whole week, it’s essential to take a step back and have some time to relax over the weekend. You can use our tips, or invent a new method to be productive and still have fun!




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